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Leevindane Fabulous Mr Darcy at CurDane


Mr Darcy is a Black Great Dane born 17. 11.13. He reigns from the Leevindane Kennel, Co. Offally, with the Amazing Breeders being Michelle and Derek whom I can not recommend enough. They have been a huge support and continue to be so. In choosing a Leevindane puppy, I have not just added a dog into my life but expanded my family. (

Below is a description of all the things Darcy works, trains and accomplishes outside of the home, where he rests wilth all four legs in the air. A gallery for you to enjoy is below. if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch :-)

Canine Assisted Therapy:

Darcy and I started our journey in the Animal Assisted Therapy with Elista Education, Co Laois. He was 4 months old in beginning our Canine Behaviour and Training course, after which we continued into the Animal Assisted Therapy.

I am currently studying further Canine Behaviour and will be starting a Canine Training Instructor course as their is much to learn and as the health and bodywork courses have shown, subjects find new theory daily, it is very progressive and we are having a lot of fun on the journey.

Darcy has just turned 2years of age and will be joining us at the new location. Darcy is still in Training with myself and as every dog owner knows Training is never finished. It is an ongoing process and I will be asking for your patience at times till we get to the finishing line..

Working Trials/ Obedience

We are currently working on the training for working trials and having a lot of fun. Basic Obedience commands, scent work and general working dog Tasks. 

Show Ring

Darcy competes in the confirmation show ring, we are looking forward to getting back in the ring this year 2018, with a break since last October 2017, it feels a life time since we stepped into the ring. 


Darcy and I are just beginning to learn and progress slowly in Agility. As the joints in Giant or large breeds do not set until 12months +(large) 18month to 2yrs (giant), we waited to ensure the safety of the activity. Doing too much activity or a lot of impact activity (jumps) can be harmful to the joints during puppy stage. If doing any canine sports, you need to start your breed at the right age and do the correct preparations for joint and muscle stability. 

We started gently, getting to know the ground work and certain ques before working our way to jumps. Currently we are working on the A-frame which is proving to be great fun :)

Mr Darcy's Photo Gallery:

  • Breeder Michelle Leeper Nevin & Darcy, sharing a secret :)
    Breeder Michelle Leeper Nevin & Darcy, sharing a secret :)