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Animal Assisted Therapy

We've loved every minute of our journey
Currently Unavailable - Awaiting an Animal Partner Due to a recent loss.  

A quick introduction to Animal Facilitated/ Assisted Therapy. 

If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Why Animal Facilitated Therapy?

I have chosen to add my pet/s to my business for many reasons not only for me to have them by my side but to help introduce a different form of releasing stress to CurDane. A lot of dog owners know, when they have had that stressful day, coming home to a wagging tail and a persona thats pure love wipes that day of stress away and drops your energy elsewhere… This can be said for any pet owner, each animal has their own unique connection and way of releasing stress levels for the people in their life's. I can say after horse - riding, there is a unique feeling, a release and a pure joy of having been fully present and connected with another being.

The study that has gone into animal therapy to date shows amazing results on both emotional and physical pain, working with depression, autism, psychological break downs or stress relieve as well as disabilities, paralysis and physical ailments. It has been proven that pets can lower blood pressure and give a longer life span. 

My wish is that the Canines/ Equines will naturally work with stress relieving in the centre, 

with the aim of progressing to physical ailments in time, but as it is completely new to me I will be introducing slowly. 

As every animal owner knows, training is never finished :) 

How it works? 

Session no.1 is generally not with the animal or very little time with the chosen animal. 

It is more a consultation and treatment with myself where we can asses where you are at, limitations, goals and also how to be with animals.

From here we will together discuss a program that best suits the individual. 

Whether it be a walk with the animals and energy therapy, 

functional exercises and games to work certain joints during play, 

or more remedial therapy with a "little" distraction. 

There are many forms it can take and each unique to the client and their relationship with the animal, 

I can not describe the connections made or displayed before me during Animal Facilitated Therapy. 

Links to Animals helping in Therapy:

                          It is not just canines that can help in assisted therapy but horses, dolphins, cats and even chickens amongst many more. 

                                                                         All living beings can help one another if we allow it.