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Ciara Curtin

CurDane Bodywork

Fascia Unwind, Create Balance, Transform



Thank you for your interest in CurDane….

My name is Ciara Curtin. 

I am a Bodyworker currently practising in Midleton. 

I aspire to aid people in finding true structural balance within their skeletal system, 

through incorporating whole body wellness, 

releasing the issues in the tissues whether they be physical binds or energetic blocks, 

creating a body free of pain and allowing functional movement. 

"If you can sense it and feel it,

you can change it"

Thomas Hanna

"We are always a work in progress, 

here to transform our internal universe,

to enjoy the path of discovering 

our inside/ outside world connections" - Ciara Curtin

I hope the following pages will share not only my available treatments, 

workshops to come and studies to date 

but also my dream in caring and treating for 

humans, canines and equines 

on a deeper level 

and to set up a centre for this....  

Allay to life's P.A.W.S  (Pains, Aches, Worries & Stress)