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CurDane Bodywork Centre

Ciara Curtin
Bodyworker & Energyworker

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Thank you for your interest in CurDaneā€¦.

My name is Ciara Curtin. I am a Bodyworker and Energy Worker currently practising in Midleton. I aspire to strengthen each person in Body, Mind and Spirit. 

The centres main aims:

  • Relieving muscles from aches and pains. 
  • Aiding in physical mobility.
  • Relieving symptoms or maintaining lifestyle through Injury or condition. 
  • To massage stressed, over worked, aching and sometimes in pain bodies.  
  • Leaving the skeleton and muscles with no boundaries.
  • Releasing emotional blocks that may be preventing you from progressing from an injury, a condition or just a stressful period of time. 
    • Releasing stress. 
    • To supply confidence, joy and to give one the questions, that may open the door in following whatever it is your heart desires..

    With the intertwining of therapies I hope to treat the physical and emotional, leaving a person whole.

    With new additions to the centre, we will soon be supplying a lot of fun in rehabilitation of the body or in simply giving stress relieve or maybe just to open you to a new experience, with the availability of Canine Assisted Therapy. 

    Where ever you may be on your path, at CurDane, you will find a supportive network for healing and many opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, at every point in your life.